PRP treatment for excessive hair loss

December 28, 2018 @ 7:06 am

When you do experience hair loss at some stage in your life, it should not be cause for alarm. Inasmuch as high levels of stress and anxiety on occasion are only natural, so too is the shedding of hair. You generally notice that something is amiss when you examine your hairbrush or comb. There are what seem to be large clumps of hair in it. But provided that the panic button is not pressed, that hair should grow back within a few weeks or months, however long it usually takes your hair to grow.

platelet rich plasma treatment

But there are those few occasions when panic and worry is warranted. While it is only natural for many men to lose most of their hair at different stages of their natural life, it is an entirely different matter for others. And for women in particular, this hair loss is quite traumatic. There are any number of reasons for this dramatic hair loss. Yes, it could be associated with high stress levels which need to be attended to in any case.

It could also have something to do with severe hormonal imbalances. Or the severities of a complex surgical operation. Natural hair growth is restored through a process known as platelet rich plasma treatment. What happens is this. The qualified practitioner extracts blood and follicles from the patient’s own body. And it is then implanted. To ensure that the non-surgical operation goes according to plan, it is usually necessary for the patient to attend several clinical sessions.

Anything from several months to a year is the expected time in which natural hair will start to grow. But there are, of course, those miracles. It could happen. Miracles are also natural; you just have to believe in them.