Myths About CT Scans

December 28, 2018 @ 8:06 am

Doctors use CT scans to diagnose health issues that affect individuals of all ages. Formally known as a computer tomography scan, the CT scan can detect heart disease, tumors, and many other problems that the doctor would otherwise be unable to see. The CT scan breaks down different areas of the body and cuts them into cross-sections known as slices. There are ample benefits offered when the doctor uses a CT scan to help your health concerns. But, there are also many myths out there that many people believe. Don’t be among those people

A common myth that so many people believe is that the scan will cause hair loss and reddening of the skin.  In fact, there was a 2009 FDA-alert on the scans and after man people experienced short-term hair loss after brain CT scans at Southern California faculties. Further study showed these people were exposed to higher than normal levels of radiation which caused the hair loss and skin redness.

So many people wrongly assume that a CT scan causes death due to cancer. Again, this is a mere myth that has no substance behind it. The American Association of Physicists in Medicine performed many studies that indicate there is no truth behind claims that people assume.

Another myth is that you’re at a risk for increased health problems if you use a CT scan. As long as you’ve selected a top-rated flushing imaging center that meets expectations, you can always expect a safe procedure that doesn’t cause any issues in the future.  The CT scan will improve your health, not harbor it.

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There’s many myths out there about CT scans, including those above. Don’t believe everything that you hear, however, because it’s not always true, as such case with the information listed above.